Book About Architect Henry Jekel to be Penned

Henry Jekel was a big deal in the early 20th century. He designed and constructed buildings all over the Inland Empire, including the now defunct Palm Springs Hotel. Riverside was a particular hotbed for Jekel’s iconic concrete and steel buildings that were characterized by wrought-iron railings and fixtures, and art deco lead-glass windows. Perhaps his most notable work of all is the Benedict Castle, a 20,000-square-foot complex built in the early 20’s. His inspiration? Granada, Spain’s Alhambra Palace. Riverside’s Metropolitan Museum director, Vince Moses, and his wife, Cate, are behind the book.

While it would be great to dig through his old letters and drawings as fodder for the book, Jekel burned most of them shortly before his death in 1960. Their hope for this book is to help Jekel gain additional exposure and to promote the preservation of architects’ historical works in the future. Many people love the Spanish-influenced architecture and details that Jekel used, such as handcrafted front doors, textured walls, and more, and the Moses

Henry Jekel Architect Palm Springs Hotel

hope to highlight Jekel as an appreciated 20th century architect.

Live in a Jekel home? The Moses may be contacting you to help them with their quest to find more information. There’s speculation that some homeowners may still have original Jekel papers and drawings.