Palm Springs Homes Retain Celebrity Statuses

Essential to the nostalgic magic of Palm Springs are the homes that belonged to classic Hollywood royalty. Like the stars themselves, these homes are nothing if not glamorous, reminiscent of an era long gone, and are still cherished as classic staples of Palm Springs culture today.Frank Sinatra has a boulevard named after him in the area, as he lived in a lavish estate at near the Tamarisk Country Club for over 40 years. With eight buildings on the property, and the main house alone over 8,000 square feet, Sinatra’s timeless luxury is immortalized in this impressive home. An impressive collection of other stars’ portraits adds significant value to the home, as they are said to have been commissioned by Sinatra himself.

Liberace’s hotel-turned-estate includes the Grammy-winner’s “themed rooms” which were a signature element of his brilliance and eccentricity. A Pasadena couple recently purchased the home and have renovated it for their future retirement plans down the road, updating some of the home’s features to reflect their contemporary interest, while still paying homage to the legend of Liberace.

Even 50 years after her passing, Marilyn Monroe’s Palm Springs home is still kept the way it was when the iconic star inhabited it. Calling this bungalow home from 1960-1961, Monroe preferred extensive and abundant foliage around the house, presumably for privacy. The famous home still features the lush landscape, and is beautifully preserved.

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