The Beat: Police Bested in Wii Bowling Tournament by Seniors

When you think of police officers, you think of brute strength and an air of competitiveness. Well, the Palm Springs Police Department was no match for a group of seniors this past Tuesday during a Nintendo Wii bowling tournament! The Great Wii Bowling Challenge paired eight senior citizens against Palm Springs police Chief Al Franz and his deputies, and the seniors showed that they’re (still) a force to be reckoned with.

Wii bowling tournaments are popping up all over the country in senior centers as the game becomes increasingly popular among senior citizens. Of course the game is fun, but it’s also an excellent source of low-impact exercise for older people that helps improve balance and coordination, and also promotes interaction and healthy competition.

Palm Springs Wii Bowling Challenge at Mizell Senior Center

The Palm Springs event took place at the Mizell Senior Citizen Center, and despite the efforts of the policemen to win the electronic battle, the seniors prevailed with a final score of 2,273 to 1,596. One of the participants, Mary Stevens of Cathedral City (pictured), bowled a 269 during the contest. The event raised $160 from participants and spectators, and will be used to support Mizell’s ‘Meals on Wheels’ program.