How the FAA Stalemate is Affecting Palm Springs

You may have seen it. The unfinished, 150-foot-tall, steel structure jutting into the sky at the Palm Springs International Airport. Well, thanks to our government’s inability to get things done, you may be looking at the unfinished version for a little bit longer.

Work is currently stalled on the $24.5 million project at the airport.¬†Fortunately though, the senate recently approved a bill that will fund the FAA through mid-September. And once President Obama signs the bill into effect, thousands of constructions workers with airport projects underway can return to their job sites. In Palm Springs, at least 60 construction works have been affected by the FAA’s shutdown.

While the end to the government stalemate is a good thing, it doesn’t mean Palm Springs air traffic control tower, Palm Springs Airportthat work on the tower will resume immediately. According to Swinerton Builders, the construction company managing the project in Palm Springs, it’s unclear how many¬†construction workers may have been lost to other jobs during the stalemate. This may create another hiccup because skilled construction workers with the appropriate clearances required to work on the tower won’t necessarily be that easy to find.¬†The control tower at Palm Springs International Airport is one of two air control towers under construction in the US. Once completed, the new tower will be twice as tall as the existing one.