A New Place To Do Business

I’ll never forget the time I was in Amsterdam and I saw what looked like half of a plastic Port-a-Potty in the middle of a central town square.  A quick restaurant inquiry would solve the mystery of this random demi-urinal. Too many people were urinating on the exteriors of elderly buildings, causing damage and for them to erode. Ick!

Palm Springs resident may be in for a city bathroom program of their own. That’s because the City of Palm Springs is considering a temporary bathroom program with the help of are businesses. The City would reimburse up to 10 businesses who allowed anyone to use their facilities during normal business hours. Each business would earn a $500 per month stipend, which in my opinion is more than enough to cover the cost of toilet paper and cleaning supplies. Visitors and area residents would be able to identify the participating businesses byNo Public Restroom Sign a sticker in the window.

The program comes on the heels of a petition put out by downtown and uptown business owners asking the City to build new public restrooms. Their constant inquiries to use their restrooms initially fueled the proposal. City Council will vote on the program Wednesday, July 20th during their meeting, and if approved, the program would begin in October 2011.