Here Come the Spring Breakers

We all know that we live in a destination city where tourism is our lifeblood. Palm Springs loves to invite out-of-towners in for the weekend, for extended vacations, or even better, as 2nd homeowners. But what about those pesky spring breakers, both high school and college? While residents could probably do without the hooting, hollering, and the mayhem that ensues, the City of Palm Springs, on the other hand, is once again courting this annual surge in population (and revenue) during the iconic lull in school known as “Spring Break.”

The Palm Springs Bureau of Tourism has put together a $10,000 campaign to lure spring breakers to our desert oasis. They’ve ventured out to universities and colleges in the southwest hoping to turn the focus onto Palm Palm Springs Spring BreakSprings. If you don’t believe me, check-out this video created by the University of Arizona (it’s posted on both Facebook and YouTube). Looks pretty fun to me!

And with so many warnings out regarding travel to Mexico, Palm Springs is looking more and more like a viable option to kids in college and in high school. Whereas in years past they might have forked out the dough for a trip to Cancun, Mazatlan or Cabo San Lucas, the reality is that it’s not safe to travel in this part of the world right now, and The Palm Springs Bureau of Tourism is using that to their advantage. While there’s no hard data right now to analyze the impact of the spring break campaign, one thing is for sure: there are some pretty solid opinions on the matter. Don’t believe me? Check-out SCGuy’s comment on

“Looks like Palm Springs is intent in driving even more of the families who usually vacation here during their childrens’ spring break out of PS and down valley to Palm Desert, Indian Wells and La Quinta. Then the hotels who book these college kids get to spend thousands of dollars in damage repair costs while the other hotels who don’t want them sit around with empty rooms. Short-sighted indeed.”