June 7 Update: Progress at The Morrison Palm Springs

During the last couple weeks at The Morrison you may have noticed quite a few substantial changes around the site. The three models have reached anexciting point as we transition from the rough construction and into finishes.

The Morrison Palm Springs Site Plan June 7

Drywall and stucco are also underway, as the waterproofing is necessary to tile the shower and tub enclosures. Aside from the models, we have also poured an additional 19 slabs and framed all of them throughout at least the first story, which can be seen as you drive by.

Private streets have been graded to the proper elevations and we will be pouring the concrete streets shortly. Utilities are currently being connected directly to each of the homes.  This includes extending the gas risers to the permanent meter location, connecting conduit for the  electrical, cable, telephone, and also connecting the waste line out of the houses to the sewer lines previously run to each lot.

We are very exciting about this progress and look forward to providing you with new updates soon. In the meantime, please feel free to drop by and say hello or contact us via phone or email.