Marilyn Monroe and the Desert

You might be asking yourself, “Self: what do Marilyn Monroe and the desert have to do with one another?” Yes, both are hot. Everyone knows that. But did you know that the iconic photograph of Ms. Monroe– the one with her skirt flying up above her head as she stood over a subway grate– was taken by a desert resident? Bill Kobrin now lives in Indio, but took that famous photo in 1954 in New York City.

Korbin moved out west with his wife to work as a photographer for The Associated Press and Look Magazine four years after taking one of the most recognized photos of our time. Initially, they lived in the San Fernando Valley where he photographed major Hollywood celebrities and starlets. After spending almost 35 years in the Los Angeles area, they moved to the desert in 1992 on the advice of a doctor, as his wife had been having health issues.Kobrin still calls the desert his home today.

If you’re looking for something to do this weekend, Kobrin will be at Images by Gideon Fine Art Gallery in Palm Springs this Saturday and Sunday. There, he will be signing copies of his book, “Stars and Celebrities.” The book, which is also for sale, contains more than 150 photos taken during his 60-year career, and was published as a dedication to his now deceased wife who encouraged him to create it. The gallery will also display and sell six limited edition sets of 10 custom prints created from the original 35mm negatives taken of Monroe that fateful evening.